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Preschool Plus

Our Team
Mrs. J. Sarno

Mrs. J. Sarno

The Preschool staff combines experience in teaching early education, primary grades, special education, and counseling. St. Mary School offers a program beyond the norm for Preschool children who are enrolled in morning or afternoon classes. Our Preschool Plus program allows potty-trained students in pre 3, pre 4, and pre k to remain in school all day. Through a combination of structured learning and free play, our students develop spiritually, socially, physically, cognitively, and emotionally. Our students build friendships and learn self-esteem and respect for themselves and others. This program is geared specifically for Early Childhood and aims to create a loving, safe atmosphere for the entire day. This allows us to extend to parents our super preschool environment in a familiar atmosphere. Our program is enrichment to our excellent Preschool curriculum with our preschool teachers.

We continue to be gifted with the helping hands and loving guidance of parish volunteers and our grandmas from Tri-County Opportunities. While at "Preschool Plus" students will eat their lunch (provided by family), have a quiet time, have free play, large and small motor play, crafts, computer learning games and other social/educational activities. On nice days students will go outside to play and to play in our gymnasium. We aim to accommodate your specific needs. Call our school office 815-284-6986 with any questions or to set up an appointment to visit our preschool. St. Mary offers one of the very, best preschool programs in the area.


The Importance of a Catholic Education

Catholic education has been called “...the most effective means of transmitting Gospel values…” to young people. Study after study documents both the effectiveness and the quality of America’s Catholic schools. Not only are graduates well prepared for further education and careers, but they are more likely, as adults, to be active leaders in their church and community as well as educate their children in Catholic schools.

Catholic traditions define and enhance the St. Mary experience—traditions of a love of God and service to others, scholastic achievement and care for the whole person. St. Mary’s puts its commitment on the line—to make learning dynamic and energetic, to maintain a safe and appealing school grounds, to renew facilities and update technology, and to offer every student an exceptional education.

St Mary Preschool Offers:

  • Math Readiness

    Math Readiness

    • Counting
    • Shapes
    • Sizes
    • Matching
    • Comparing
    • Sequencing
    • Number Recognition & Concepts
  • Language Arts/Science/Soc. Studies

    Language Arts/Science/Soc. Studies

    • Storytelling
    • Journals
    • Role Playing
    • Exploring
    • Experimenting
  • Music/Art/Participation


    • Singing
    • Rhythm
    • Painting,drawing & clay
    • Process Art/Creativity
    • Balance Beam
    • Motor Skills
  • Daily Religion

    Daily Religion

    • God made the world
    • Family
    • Prayer
    • Living Together
  • Reading Readiness

    Reading Readiness

    • ABC's
    • Name Recognition
    • Likenesses & Differences
    • Rhyming
    • Sequences
    • Charting



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