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Admissions Procedures


The following policy applies to all transfer students wishing to enroll in St. Mary Elementary and Jr. High School. A transfer student is defined as a student who is entering St. Mary's after kindergarten. The provisions of this policy are not all inclusive. St. Mary School reserves the right to waive the provisions of this policy if, in the opinion of the principal, a wavier is merited.

  1. Application of admission to St. Mary School must be made during a personal interview with the school administrator.
  2. Parents must provide a letter of recommendation from the student's current principal and classroom teacher.
  3. A copy of the student's recent report card must be presented.
  4. A student may not be admitted if they have been expelled from another school, or have voluntarily withdrawn from another school because of the threat of expulsion.


Preregistration for all students is taken in the spring for the following academic year. A waiting list is kept for both preschool and kindergarten, and priority is given according to the student's place on the waiting list in the following order: St. Patrick parishioners, siblings of present students, non parishioners.

St. Mary's School will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational and admissions policy, athletic and other programs.

Want to Tour Our School

Parents are welcome to contact the school office at any time during the academic year to schedule a tour of the school and to visit with the Principal. Parents are also encouraged to attend the Open Houses for preschool and kindergarten. For specific dates and times, contact the school office, 815/284/6986.

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