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Growing through the Arts

Visual Arts

Art classes include 1st-8th grade and meet weekly. Students explore a wide range of media and complete individual and collaborative projects. Painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and work with clay, fiber, and found materials are all part of the curriculum. An open studio approach encourages young artists to be inventive and be original. The curriculum is designed to build on art skills and experiences as students advance through the grades.


Drama is incorporated in early childhood as a collaborative effort, helping to provide a foundation in both areas for the years ahead. Classes include storytelling, creating, improvising, and movement. In Grades 1-8, students explore sensory awareness, improvisation, and characterization. Fifth grade presents a musical at Christmas. The Jr High assists building set, costuming, choreography and as stage crew.

General Music

At St. Mary, we believe that music is an enriching and integral part of a solid education. Our program teaches a vast array of music concepts and skills. Our approach includes active involvement that incorporates singing, movement and instrument playing in a creative environment. It develops the whole child with a balance of emotional and intellectual stimulation. Our music program adheres to the Nationals Standards for Music Education along with the Catholic Diocesan Music Education Standards. We aim to prepare students for a lifelong appreciation and love of music. It is our hope that their musicianship will be shared with their faith community in liturgical celebrations.

Band Program

St. Mary School offers music lessons on all concert band instruments to students in grades 4 through 8.  The lessons are scheduled once a week during the school day. In addition to lessons, Beginning band rehearses once a week and Concert band rehearses twice a week. The bands perform a Fall Instrumental Concert, parish events, a solo/ensemble recital and Spring Instrumental Concert. 

St. Mary Band Letter

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